Is Relaxing a Lost Art?

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Is Relaxing a Lost Art?

Switching off” at least once a day, even for a few minutes, is not only pleasant; it’s essential for our physical and psychological health and well-being.

 Call to mind those occasions when you visited a zoo or safari park, or nature reserve and you saw nothing but a few motionless, dozing animals at the far side of the enclosure, or inside their shelter.

What we can learn from those animals is that rest and relaxation is as essential to all living things as hunting or home-building or any other activity.

Why do we not do it as much as we need?

I feel sure a contributory factor affecting our reticence to relax is that western society has long regarded inactivity as idleness:

To child aged 7 – “Don’t just sit there! Do something useful!”

 To youth of 17 – “Why are you always so lazy? Don’t just sit there! Do something useful!”

By the time we are 27, 37, 47, any adult age in fact, we find ourselves searching for the secrets of being able to de-stress and, dare I say it?, to relax!

All is not lost!

Fortunately, the off switch program we were born with is usually not totally destroyed by those years of civilisation and conditioning; it is merely lying dormant.

The first step in relaxing, or de-stressing? Simply decide to.

The second step? Give yourself back that original permission that you were born with and dump the guilt.

We may be special and sophisticated, but hey:

 We are mammals and mammals need to doze!

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  1. Sue Wood says:

    How very true Derek. What would you recommend to relax the mind for a good night’s sleep? Sue

    • derek says:

      Hi Sue
      Good question. First step is to try to identify what’s on your mind when you are struggling to get to sleep.
      Next, ask yourself if there is anything you can do about that issue. If so, do it. If not, (or if you can’t identify anything specific), download, and listen to, my forthcoming app. It should be available very soon. Soothing words and phrases, spoken in a rhythmic tone, can do wonders for enabling you to drift off into a restorative sleep lasting the whole night through. The beauty of this kind of remedy is that you cannot overdose. You can listen as often as you like and the more often you listen the more your mind and brain get used to sleeping properly.

    • Keli says:

      Notnhig I could say would give you undue credit for this story.

    • derek says:

      Hi Sue,
      You may be interested to see my new blog (click on “blog” on the website. I am posting, at intervals,a few practical hints about better sleep. Many have been suggested by my clients. Kind regards,

  2. Theresa says:

    Great artilce, thank you again for writing.

  3. Jane Holder says:

    I visited Derek approximately three months ago for hypnotherapy with the aim of loosing weight. This was my first experience of hypnotherapy and I was unsure of how I would respond or indeed if I would loose weight. I found that Derek makes you feel completely at ease with the whole process. The hypnotic state is so relaxing allowing your subconscious mind to take on suggestions, in my case to loose weight he also addressed confidence issues . I have had three appointments with Derek and I also have an audio cd to compliment the relaxation process at home.

    To date I have lost a stone in weight without dieting just listening to the subconscious mind.
    I would have no hesitation in recommending Derek and the hypnotherapy experience .

    Jane Holder

  4. I enjoy reading an article that can make people think. Also, many thanks for allowing me to comment!

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